Hilltop Lager is coming back

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After financial issues forced Four String Brewing to unexpectedly shutter their doors in October of 2018, many local beer drinkers were left wanting for their beers.

Perhaps none more than Hilltop Lager, which was launched by the brewery in May of 2017 as a local craft option for the Miller and Bud drinking crowd.

“Both the Hilltop Lager and Hilltop Light brands were still growing double digits the day we closed our doors,” said Four String founder Dan Cochran in a statement. “I wanted to get it back to the market as quickly as possible.”

Hilltop Lager and Hilltop Lite will both be returning to shelves this summer through the new Hilltop Brewing, which is owned by Columbus-based entrepreneur Blake Squires and, per labels approved earlier this month by the TTB, will be brewed in Detroit, Michigan. According to the statement, Cochran will be working “hand-in-hand [with Hilltop Brewing] to ensure that Hilltop remains Hilltop—from the recipe to the core brand ethos.”

“Our goal is to have fresh six-packs on shelves by the 4th of July,” said Cochran in a statement. Hilltop Lager and Hilltop Lite will also be featured at this year’s Comfest, which will take place the last weekend of June.

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  1. Yellow Jacket A-Team May 4, 2019 at 9:40 PM · Reply

    My goal is to have a fresh six-pack in my belly ASAP!

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