Galena Brewing moves to Westerville

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When Galena Brewing opened in late 2018, we found it amusing that they were located in Johnstown and not in Galena, which is a small village just north of Columbus. Well, six weeks ago, they moved… but no, still not Galena — the brewery is now located in Westerville.

The move allowed for a significantly bigger and better operation, and certainly a larger population base. Their new Westerville taproom seats at least triple that of the Johnstown location, and even includes a small family area by the front entry. And with their old two bbl brew system being replaced with a dual 3 bbl system, they are now able to offer a wider range of beers on tap. Perhaps the most unusual beer on tap this past weekend was their San-Weizen, a Hefeweizen/Sangria blend.

The brewery section is in full view of the taproom and includes a white board listing what’s brewing so patrons get a heads-up on upcoming beers. There are gaming tables, flat screen TV’s, and a mural on the back wall featuring a series of famous movie characters, created by artist Carrie Suess. Rather than going the food truck route, Galena has rotating food vendors on-site in the taproom.

Galena Brewing is open Thursday through Sunday and is located at 5901 Chandler Road, Unit B, just off of N. State Street.

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