Lineage adapts to survive

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The past year has been a brutal one for bars, restaurants and breweries. In their nearly six years of operation, Lineage Brewing in Clintonville primarily relied on revenue from in-house pint sales. But with unprecedented government mandates effecting operating hours, social distancing, capacity limits and more, owner Mike Byrne knew only way to survive was to innovate.

One such shift was the addition of a canning line, which the brewery acquired from Ill Mannered. Carryout became an important new income stream for Byrne. A half-dozen or so of their frontline beers are now available to carryout for $12 for a four pack of pint cans. And while hand pies have been the trademark food menu item for Lineage, broadening their menu was important as well. Their latest addition to the carryout menu has been pizzas. Not just any pizza, but “Grandma-style” pizza with handmade dough and sauce. And while Columbus Pizza: A Slice of History author Jim Ellison could probably provide a more detailed explanation, “Grandma-style” is defined as a square pizza with a thinner, denser crust, prepared in an olive-oil lined pan with the cheese below the sauce.

Of course, the need to provide appropriate barriers between staff and patrons is a must. Rather than the more industrial look with plexiglass shields, Byrne sought out something that fit the vibe of Lineage. Old window panes salvaged from a home in Worthington and likely 100 years old, now hang neatly over the bar, providing the customer a barrier while still allowing a nice pint of fresh beer to slide beneath it.

Lineage is located at 2971 North High Street in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus.

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