BrewDog is coming to New Albany

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Just 12 months ago, there was an exciting announcement for those of us in New Albany: Three Tigers Brewing and Harvest Pizza were collaborating on a new venture to be located at the old New Albany Mill. At long last, a craft brewery would call New Albany home. Renovation began, but soon slowed to a trickle, and by mid-Spring ground to a halt. Alas, it was not to be. Now, however, there is newer, bigger news for the New Albany Mill location: BrewDog’s seventh US venture will become a reality here this summer.

BrewDog’s construction manager Keith Bennett described the location as “an awesome opportunity and an absolute no-brainer.” The old Mill is located at the far east end of the brand new $17 million Rose Run Park and directly across the street from the still-under-construction outdoor amphitheater. For starters, there will be a 6900 square foot taproom and another 1645 square foot of patio space. The main part of the patio will be constructed on the west end of the building overlooking Rose Run. It will be sheltered by retractable louvers to maximize or minimize sunlight, and will feature firepits and outdoor games as part of their family-friendly approach.

The taproom itself will feature a 24-tap bar directly across from the entry. Expect to find a lineup of BrewDog beers from both their US and UK breweries, as well as a handsome addition of local guest beers. To the left and right of the bar, you will note indoor fire pits with overhead vent hoods. Of course, there will be the dramatic BrewDog murals, bright neon signage, and lots of indoor greenery.

Another special treat will be their Interactive Beer School (think mini-beer museum ala the one in Canal Winchester). You will be able to park yourself at a high-top table and learn about craft beer or watch BrewDog TV at these stations. Food is not to be forgotten. The extensive menu will be similar to what is available at their CW location. Total seating capacity will be in the range of 600.

On a personal note, the brewpub will be 1936 steps from my house. I’ll be the guy sitting by the firepit on the east end of the taproom. 😊

BrewDog New Albany will be located at 93 W. Granville Rd.

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