Swig Swag: Hops Candle from The Candle Lab

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The Candle Lab, the gourmet natural soy candle shop with locations in Grandview, Worthington and Powell, has just released a new scent that hop heads will adore. Because, well, it’s Hops.

“The inspiration for the Hops candle came last summer,” says Steve Weaver, owner of The Candle Lab. “Donnie Austin, the owner of House Wine, took 14 guys on a beer tasting weekend through Michigan. We toured several breweries and met the people behind the amazing beers coming out of Michigan right now. One of the highlights of the trip was a tour of Bells Brewery, which included a stop in their hops cooler. We got to smell each kind of hops they use in their beers. The scent of that walk-in cooler and the distinctive character of each kind of hops convinced me I had to go home and start working on a Hops-scented candle right away.”

Steve and Donnie spent several afternoons smelling and tasting some of the best hop-heavy beers to break out what scent components would work best in a candle. “[Hops is] such a complex scent with lots of citrus, pine, resinous and herbal notes. We also had to balance the scent of the hops before it was added to the beer versus the scent and taste of the hops in the beer as you drink it. In the end, it took several test batches, and a good number of beers consumed, to get it to the point we felt it was ready to introduce.”

A Hops candle would make a great gift for any Columbus craft beer fan, and Steve agrees. “There are so many great hop-forward craft brews on the market right now, and part of their appeal is that nose full of scent you get as they glass nears your lips,” he said. “This is a chance to enjoy that scent all the time, without the hangover the next day! The candle has a great balance of different scents, and works well as a spring/summer fragrance for your home.”

The candles burn for over 60 hours, and cost $15 each. There’s a buy-three get-one free deal going right now, so you can get four Hops candles for $45. Steve says The Candle Lab will keep Hops and their other spring/summer candles around until Labor Day, but if it gets popular enough, it’ll stay on the shelves. “So far, the Hops has been a big seller, so I’m hoping it sticks around because I love the way the store smells when I’m pouring them,” he says.

Not in Columbus? Email info@thecandlelab.com to place a Hoppy order.

I’ll take two.

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3 Comments on "Swig Swag: Hops Candle from The Candle Lab"

  1. Ana Volsko April 22, 2011 at 11:08 AM · Reply

    LOVE these candles…best ever, especially if you like “off beat” scents…they have GREAT classics too!

  2. Steve April 25, 2011 at 4:27 PM · Reply

    @Cheryl – Thanks so much for the coverage – we have received quite a few calls and emails asking about the Hops candle.

    And @Ana – thanks for the kind comments! We are glad you enjoy the candles!

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