American Craft Beer Week

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Starting Monday May 14th and running through May 20th, join your fellow beer drinkers in celebrating American Craft Beer Week. Events are being held throughout the country to celebrate the culture and passion surrounding American produced craft beer.

Here in Columbus, we do have a couple of things going on this coming week, including AleFest on the 19th.  Although I don’t believe that the AleFest is an official part of Craft Beer Week, it’s happening at the right time, with the right beverages.

Elevator Brewing will be hosting a slew of activities, one each day of ACBW.

May 14th, Monday: SODZ Homebrewers meeting

May 15th, Tuesday: “Ride the Elevator” fundraiser

May 16th, Wednesday: Masters of Beer Appreciation (MBA) and Professor of Hearty Drinking (PHD) reunion

May 17th, Thursday: Elevator Beer Film Festival held at the Grandview Theatre

May 18th, Friday: “Bark & Brew” fundraiser

May 19th, Saturday: Brewery beer dinner, five-courses
Check Elevator Brewing Company for more details.


*Bodega will be tapping a selection of new kegs each day this week to celebrate.  As is the norm there, the newest offerings may not be reflected on the printed menu, but ask the friendly staff about the new beers that are on for American Craft Beer Week.


*For the tech savvy drinkers out there, American Craft Beer Week has it’s own badge on Untappd.


*Check out this short video from the Brewer’s Association.

If more events are announced, we’ll update you here.  If you hear of any bars/etc. that are having special events or offers, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

Even if you aren’t able to make it out to any official ACBW events, you can celebrate in your own way.  If you have beer(s) this week, I encourage you to go out of your way to try an American brewed craft beer that you haven’t tried before, and raise your pint to the brewers who have come before.

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