Rockmill and Seventh Son releasing collaboration beer

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rockmill seventh son urban cowboyEarlier this month, Seventh Son Brewing Co released their first batch of beers in bottles, a limited run of around 1,000 bottles of their Oubliette Imperial Stout and Ladies & Gentlemen Barleywine. Unfortunately for all of us, the Drink Up Columbus’ Best New Brewery Winner‘s bottles were off the shelves faster than you can say… well, faster than we could publish an article about it.

FORTUNATELY, another next bottle release is in the works, and this batch is a collaboration brew with Lancaster-based Rockmill Brewery dubbed ‘Urban Cowboy.’

“Matt [Barbee, Rockmill’s owner/brewmaster] and I sat down last month to taste a few existing versions of Belgian stouts, and talk about the direction we wanted to take our beer,” said Seventh Son Brewmaster Colin Vent. “The name Urban Cowboy came up somehow, I think it was Matt’s idea, a play on his rural location and our city location.”

They brewed the first batch of the beer at Rockmill last week, and a second batch yesterday at Seventh Son’s brewery. According to Vent, the two batches will be slightly different.

“The basic recipe is the same, with minor variations, to reflect the host brewery’s house character,” said Vent. “Rockmill made the beer with a base pilsner malt, their water, their yeast and Belgian rock candi sugar. Here at Seventh Son we brewed the beer with our base pale ale malt, which is kilned slightly darker than pils malt, our city water, a blend of the Rockmill yeast and our house yeast, and an American-made Belgian candi syrup.”

Vent said the beer will finish around 7.5% ABV and 30 IBUs. The beer will be bottled and released in 3-4 weeks.

Check out this great photo essay about the brew day.

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