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stone2cbusIf you were wondering if Stone Brewing Co was paying attention to all the #stone2cbus hype on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they are.

Yesterday, Stone’s official Facebook account posted the following to the Stone2Cbus Facebook page.

Dear #Stone2CBus Participants

In case you were wondering if we’ve been noticing, we most certainly have!

Sure, it can be daunting sifting through social media feeds to find cool and interesting posts, but not when social media accounts and hash-tags like #Stone2CBus and #TapAStoneCbus help us cut to the chase and let us easily see that SEVENTY DIFFERENT VENUES in Columbus, Ohio are tapping kegs of Stone beer!

That we have become the subject of such an awesome celebration is flattering as hell. We whole-heartedly support it, approve of it…and wish we could personally partake with every single one of you!

Although we’re elsewhere right now, know that we’re with you Columbus folks in spirit–and definitely imbibing right along with you. Know also that we are truly humbled, extremely excited and touched by your strong show of support for our company and our beer. We just needed to take a moment to specifically say so.

Thank you kindly, not just for tapping our beer, but for assembling in the positive spirit of sending us your welcoming vibes. In a word, amazing!


Steve Wagner & Greg Koch
Stone Brewing Co.

Today (August 2) is the designated “Tap a Stone Day,” and almost 70 Columbus bars are putting a Stone beer on tap with the goal of attracting Stone to open their east coast brewery in Central Ohio. Check the event page to see if your favorite bar is participating, and share pics of your Stone brews using the hashtag #Stone2Cbus.

And #drinkupcolumbus, of course.

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  1. Kim Snearey August 2, 2014 at 9:24 PM · Reply

    Aw man, you left out the best part.

  2. Libby August 4, 2014 at 8:36 AM · Reply

    This is a game changer Great the Columbus turned out to #TapAStoneCbus !

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