Drunk Brunch: The Crafty Pint

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the crafty pint drunk brunchSince moving to Linworth, The Crafty Pint has become a fairly regular stop for me, and the frying pan hanging on the wall promising “brunch coming soon” has been taunting me since May. It’s finally come, and it’s good, so go to there while it’s still nice outside and enjoy drunk brunch on the gastropub’s wrap-around patio.

The Crafty Pint features an extensive beer list with a good mix of local and national craft breweries and a solid range of styles. Their cocktail menu includes some classics as well as some fruitier creations. They don’t have a specialty brunch drink menu, but they can whip you up a bloody mary if you want one. I opted to order the New Old Fashioned, made with bourbon, simple syrup, muddled orange and cherries, and coffee vanilla bitters. The vanilla flavor really gave this is a good, breakfasty quality.

The brunch food menu, at only eight items, manages to cover an impressive spectrum of sweet and savory with some interesting options. If you’re craving something sweet, they offer Block “O” Waffles with a red velvet doughnut glaze, or Mimosa French Toast made with sweet orange bread and champagne whipped cream. The Chorizo Hash or Toad in a Hole will satisfy your savory brunch tastebuds. I had the Key West Crepes – smoked turkey, ham, monterey jack, pineapple mango salsa, sriracha sour cream. The meat was maybe a little on the dry side, but overall I thought it was pretty damn good. My brunch date had the Quiche Trio: potato with chorizo, spinach vegetable and – my favorite – poached pear and goat cheese. All three were surprisingly moist for quiche, and the manager later informed us they were trying new ways of preparing them to keep them from drying out.

drunk brunch the crafty pint

A lot of what I love about The Crafty Pint has nothing to do with food or drinks. I love the Trivial Pursuit cards on every table – although I’m pretty sure they were printed before I was born. I love that every beer list is bound to an old board game. I love that end of the meal checks are presented in Dr. Seuss books which you can (and are encouraged!) to doodle in. It all makes for a fun, quirky time, which is basically my brunch manifesto.

Brunch at The Crafty Pint is served Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-2pm. The Crafty Pint is located at 2234 W Dublin Granville Road in Linworth.

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