Leap Day in Grandview – real life is for March!

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Leap Day GrandviewWe’re teaming up with Destination Grandview and Yelp to throw an epic Leap Day party filled with all the classic Leap Day traditions: yellow and blue decorations, plenty of rhubarb and of course Leap Day William!

If you’re scratching your head wondering when “Leap Day” became a thing, you’ve probably never seen the 30 Rock episode “Leap Day,” but that’s OK – if Seinfeld’s “Festivus” can take off then so can Leap Day. We’re celebrating this made-up TV holiday on Monday, February 29 from 6-8pm on Grandview Avenue (between Stauf’s and Matt the Miller’s).

We’ve got plenty planned with the official food of Leap Day, rhubarb. Smokehouse Brewing is brewing up the official “Leap Beer,” a firkin of russian imperial stout with rhubarb, which will tap at Matt the Miller’s Tavern around 6pm. Matt the Miller’s will also have a rhubarb cocktail made with Watershed Distillery spirits, plus rhubarb pie from Honeykiss Bakery. Stauf’s on Grandview Ave will have a Strawberry Rhubarb Green Tea featured for Leap Day, The Avenue will be mixing up a special Leap Day Blue Bee’s Knees cocktail, and Yats will be offering a TBD Leap Day dish! Vernacular and Objects for the Home will both be “leaping” 10% off all purchases between 6-8pm, and State of Devotion will be marking all t-shirts down to $20.16 during the event in honor of the Leap Year.

Leap Day’s mystic hero, Leap Day William, will be emerging from the Mariana Trench to give out candy along Grandview Avenue from 6-8pm, and the funny folks from Hashtag Comedy will be joining us for the Leap Day festivities. Be sure to don your best blue and yellow outfit because Yelp will be giving away prizes to anyone who shows up wearing the traditional Colors of Leap. Not sure what to wear? Pick up the limited edition Leap Day t-shirt designed by Outfit Good!

At 8pm head to Grandview Yard Market District for the official Gnarley Leaps Away Leap Day Afterparty featuring five different version of MadTree Gnarley Brown and a rhubarb spritzer! Market District is also the “Official Rhubarb Sponsor” of Leap Day 2016 (apparently rhubarb is not in season, who knew, so big thanks to them for finding us some!)

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full disclosure: Destination Grandview and Smokehouse Brewing are clients

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