Mastering Mixology: Cocktailing classes at House Wine

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House Wine in Worthington is offering a series of cocktail classes over six weekly installments where you can enjoy great cocktials while learning the stories and techniques behind them. The classes will take place every Saturday at 1pm beginning February 11th for six continuous weeks, ending on March 17th. Each class is $35/person.

The courses will be led by Cris Dehalvi, who currently serves as the Head Bartender at M at Miranova. One of the leading mixologists in our state, she has a stellar resume behind the stick as a BarSmarts Advanced Certified Mixologist. She’s the brand mixologist for Middle West Spirits and Ohio Secretary for the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild. Cris has picked up numerous awards that include (614) Magazine Best Bartender (2010, 2011) and winner of the Iron Bartender Columbus (2010). This past year, one of her signature cocktails was included in Gary Regan’s Top 101 Best New Cocktails.


Week 1 – February 11
Mixology 101 – History of cocktails, cocktail basics that include glassware, tools, importance of measuring, mixers (fresh fruit vs. bottled juices/cordials on the market), ice and more. We’ll make a few basic cocktails for you to enjoy.

Week 2 – February 18
Vodka – What are the different types of vodka? What classifies a spirit as a vodka? You’ll learn about the different types vodka and taste OYO, made by local spirits producer Middle West Spirits. The cocktails we’ll learn and sample likely include the Cosmo, Moscow Mule and Vodka Martini.

Week 3 – February 25
Gin – Learn gin’s history in the U.S., especially during the days before and during prohibition. Learn how gin is made and the different types – London Dry, Plymouth, Holland, Artisan. Cocktails might include an Aviation, Vesper and classic Gin Martini

Week 4 – March 3
Rum & Tequila – What classifies a spirit as rum and where are all the different places rum comes from? What makes a spirit a tequila? What are blanco, reposado and anejo. Learn it all and enjoy cocktails like a Mojito, Margarita and Rum Punch.

Week 5 – March 10
Whiskey – Why is whiskey such a broad category? What’s the difference between Bourbon, Tennessee, Irish, Canadian and Scotch whisk(e)y? Learn more over cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Manhattan and taste a scotch.

Week 6 – March 17
The Next Level Class – How to create your own signature drinks at home, including punches and other hot cocktails. We’ll discuss the importance of garnish and the show of a mixologist making craft cocktails. We’ll even discuss bitters and show and taste different types.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the House Wine U Eventbrite page.

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    Hi, my boyfriend’s birthday is this weekend and he always talks about how he wants to master making an old fashioned. I see you have a class on March 10th on whisky – is there any availability or do you have any recommendations for finding another place or time? Thanks!

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