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I do not take shots. I like to sip spirits, beers, wines and cocktails that have a flavor that pleases my palate – a flavor I want to savor, not force down as quickly as possible

However, many of even my dearest friends who I know appreciate the finer drinks in life are happy to cast their notion of taste and dignity aside in an instant to get a quick hit of tipsy whenever the words “shots!” are uttered.

All that said, if drinking for getting drunk’s sake is your thing, and especially if you are on a bit of a budget (I’m looking at you, OSU students – the 21+ ones only, of course), a Columbus startup called Shot Dropz might be just the product you didn’t know you probably might not mind using.

Stop Dropz are half ounce foil packets designed to be added to an ounce of liquor – they recommend vodka or rum, and also suggested wine at some point in their literature (which sounds awful.) The packs give the spirit the flavoring of some of the most common drinks served at bars, like lemon drops and appletinis, without the multiple ingredients and mixing. You can also add club soda to to convert a shot into a drink. The actual Dropz packets are non-alcoholic.

Shot Dropz sent me a variety pack, and never one to resist a Columbus-based business I sucked up my shot reluctance to try them. I had some Tanqueray vodka (yeah I didn’t know they made vodka either) so that seemed like a good neutral base in which to test this stuff. The margarita one, despite the lack of tequila, actually tasted like the kind of not-great margarita you get at a crappy bar that uses a pre-mixed concoction, which is about as high of praise as you could hope for. The Orange flavored lacked “orange” flavor, but was probably the second best. The Lemon Drop just tasted like a poor man’s Absolut Citron. And the Appletini… smelled and tasted like 99 Apples but with added lighter fluid.

Look, the point of these isn’t to create amazing drinks. It’s to create a shot that’s slightly better than the shot would have been without flavoring but also without needing to keep the 1-3 ingredients required to make the proper shot in-stock. So for that, I guess, mission accomplished.

Shot Dropz is currently available in packages of 24 for $9.99 online at and hopes to enter retail stores soon.

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