Purple Drinks (and a good cause)

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purple drinkEvery once in awhile you just get a craving to drink something really purple! What? That doesn’t happen to you? Okay, me neither. To be honest I combed this great city to find purple drink options in celebration of the upcoming SPIKE ALZ volleyball tournament at Woodland’s Backyard this Saturday, August 31st. This event will benefit the Central Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Purple is the color of Alzheimer’s awareness, if you weren’t aware.

Also if you weren’t aware, it’s pretty difficult to find purple drinks. The things we do for charity.

Purple Kool-Aid – Shot – Park Street Patio
Before you judge me you should know that I have a mild obsession with purple Kool-Aid so when my friend turned me onto this shot by ordering it and shoving it in my face I wasn’t mad about it. It’s delicious. Just because it reminds you of your childhood doesn’t mean you can drink it like you’re watching Saturday morning cartoons in your favorite PJs. Have a few too many and you will pay for it in lost memories.

Purple Drank – Tall, full glass – The Crest
I thought purple drank was just what some people called Robitussin. Obviously more people were in on this because the renovators of Crest added it to the menu and have the taste down to a science. Seriously. If you can’t get enough of the ‘tussin flavor but don’t want to be judged as you’re slugging from an Rx bottle, head to The Crest and try the much more responsible version. Also, it’s fun to say “I’ll have the purple drank” and it comes with a fun swirl of lemon peel. This one is a little heavy on the pricetag at $10.

Sugar Plum Fizz – Tumbler – Milestone 229
The purple here isn’t as bold as the previous two drinks, which gives this option a more refined, albeit respectable appearance. With local OYO Honey Vanilla vodka, muddled plum, fresh thyme, elderflower liqueur and a splash of club soda, this sugary drink will certainly satisfy the sweet loving crowd. Milestone is one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus but sadly this drink was a little too sweet for me. Once I let the ice melt a little it was drinkable. While the fresh thyme looked and smelled lovely, it proved to be a pain by getting stuck in the straw. And, if you’re curious as to whether you’re allergic to elderflower liqueur this is a good drink to test your theory. I immediately followed this drink with some very necessary Benadryl.

Happy Hour version of the Ahu’s Navy Grog – Tall glass – Grass Skirt Tiki Room
Okay, I know this is a stretch since the drink is actually pink, BUT the edible hibiscus was purple so I skate by on a technicality. This drink is amazing. Light on the liquor which means you can have a few during happy hour (at $3 each) without showing signs of a hangover the next day at work. This is basically a happy hour version of the Ahu’s Navy Grog, which is a cocktail menu staple. I’m a huge grapefruit fan and if you are too you’re going to love this. Light, refreshing and easy on the eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the flower but it was nice to look at in the bottle of my glass.

Black Orchid – M at Miranova
Due to the previous mentioned disagreement between elderflower and I, this drink is on the nono list for me. It’s made with a very classy Belvedere black raspberry vodka, elderflower, white cranberry juice & fresh lemon juice. If you’ve had a chance to try it out I’d love to know what it was like! Give me your take in the comments below.

Now that you know all about purple drinks go signup a team for Spike ALZ!

This is a guest post by Ashley Shipley.

creative commons photo credit: anna one

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  1. Susannah Elliott August 27, 2013 at 2:10 PM · Reply

    For OU alumni missing the Pigskin experience, I believe Gresso’s will make you a Black Widow if you ask…

    • Ashley Shipley August 27, 2013 at 2:48 PM · Reply

      I’m not sure my liver can handle black widows anymore but glad to know they’re only a bar away!! Thanks for the heads up!

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