High Bank Distillery coming to Grandview next spring

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A new distillery is slated to open in Grandview Heights next spring.

High Bank Distillery comes out of a collaboration between Jordan Helman, owner of cold press juice shop Zest Juice Co, and Adam Hines, owner of marketing agency States of Design, which worked on the Zest brand.

“Through [partnering at Zest] we realized we work really well together and that’s when we started figuring out what else we could do together,” said Hines.

The duo, along with Calvin Jones and two silent partners, started working on a brewery concept three years ago, but after a year of development decided to pivot to spirits.

“With the saturation of breweries here in Columbus and with law changes on the distilling side of things, we decided to make the shift and pursue a distillery instead of a brewery,” said Hines.

High Bank Distillery will be located in the 17,000 square foot facility at 1051 Goodale Boulevard, just west of Grandview Yard.

“We’re ecstatic that we get to be in Grandview,” said Helman. “I used to live in Grandview, and our first Zest location is right outside of Grandview, so we feel pretty tied to the community.”

Construction on the space will start soon, and a 300 gallon distillation system with three fermenters is on order from Corson Distilling in Idaho. Hines, who will head the distilling operation, hopes to start production in April. High Banks spirit line will include an organic vodka, an organic gin, and a rye whiskey, the latter of which is a blend of three mash bills from Kentucky and Indiana distilleries to hold High Banks over while their own whiskey barrel-ages.

The distillery will also feature a massive 8,000 square foot restaurant which will seat over 200 people and include a spacious patio and table games like shuffle board and fooseball. Coming out of the kitchen will be a menu of “elevated bar food” that is still in the works.

“We’re in the process of hiring a chef so we definitely want to work with that individual and where their creativity takes them,” said Helman.

The target date for opening the restaurant and bar is early May.

The distillery’s name, High Bank, comes from the Ohio history books: when the state was planning the construction of the state capital, they considered Franklinton but, because of its location on a flood plane, instead decided to move it to the “High Bank” opposite Franklinton.

“We hope to be able to tell the High Bank story on each bottle and in the facility too,” said Hines.

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