Simple Times launches Cocktail of the Month subscription

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Locally-crafted cocktail companion company Simple Times Mixers has launched a new “Cocktail of the Month” subscription service just in time for the holidays.

Mark Tinus, who owns Simple Times Mixers as well as spirits brand Karate Cowboy, says that, in addition to their commercially available lineup of cocktail mixers, the company has also been developing specialty mixers for bars, restaurants and catering companies behind-the-scenes since launching in late 2017, and developed the subscription service as a way to get some of those unique flavors in the hands of consumers.

“We don’t want to be that brand that has 32 SKUs on the shelf so this gives us a way to get some of the really good stuff that we’ve done out,” said Tinus.

Each box – which costs for $40 for one month, $115 for a three month subscription, or $225 for six months – will include a a 32 ounce bottle from their core lineup which makes approximately ten cocktails as well as a 16 ounce exclusive mixer which makes approximately five cocktails.

“Typically the exclusive will be something we’ve already created and vetted and know we like a lot, but it’s just not something that we can justify getting it on a retail shelf usually due to cost, because some of the things we make for bars are super expensive to make,” said Tinus.

In addition to the mixers, the monthly boxes will include recipes, tips and a monthly “challenge.” Subscribers will also receive 15% off any additional purchases.

Those who sign up in time to receive the first box, which is slated to ship out on January 5, will receive a 32 ounce bottle of Blackberry Lemonade and a 16 ounce bottle of Pear Rosemary Mule. February’s box will include a 32 ounce Raspberry Mule and 16 ounce Grapefruit Basil Lemonade.

Simple Times is offering a discount on the subscription through December 25. Promo Code HOLIDAY2018 will get you a three month subscription for $100 (regular $115). You can sign up on the Simple Times website.

Simple Times Mixers currently produces their products at food co-op 1400 Food Lab, although Tinus said he hopes to open their own production facility by the end of 2019. The company currently produces around 1,000 gallons of mixers annually.

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